Loc FAQ.

Each client’s head is unique, and we need to accurately asses your hair before we can quote a service time. Clients can Request a consultation at this link​ 

After the consultation process is completed you can book your appointment.​

You must pay a deposit to hold your future appointment as well as sign a service agreement.​

The minimum length to create locs is 3-4 inches, hair any shorter may not lock properly and may stand straight up once created. This is also the minimum length to add extensions. If your hair is shorter than 3 inches it is advised you wait for your hair to grow longer before attempting services.  

The length of your appointment depends on several factors, including the current state of your hair, the length desired, and the style of locs you’re wanting installed. A full head of long locs (no-extensions) can take anywhere from 8-16 total hours. Using premade loc extensions is one way to reduce the amount of time you spend in the chair. Your Loctician can go over all the options available to you. 

Loc appointments are billed by the hour. The cost of your appointment is measurable by the same factors that dictate the length of your appointment. There are several different ways to achieve your loc dreams, and Hair Maiden is here to help make those dreams a reality! 

Creating locs requires pulling and teasing your hair. Some find this process painful while others aren’t bothered by it. It is normal for your head to feel a little sore after initial creation, but as they settle they become more comfortable. If you have a sensitive scalp it’s advised that you bring an over-the-counter pain reliever with you to your appointment. 

It’s a common misconception that locs are a dirty hairstyle. Locs require special attention to detail and care to maintain and mature properly. 

We recommend you wash them at least once to twice a week. Once your locs are mature you can was them more often.

With the right knowledge maintaining your new locs can be a breeze! Your Loctician will give you detailed instructions for aftercare and things to stay away from. Once you acclimate yourself to the loc lifestyle you’ll find that maintaining your new style is just as easy as any other! 

It’s important to wait at least 2-3 weeks before washing your locs. 

It’s important to wait at least 2-3 weeks before washing your locs. 

It is normal to lose a small amount of length when creating new locs, if it’s something that worries you, you can always speak to your Loctician about added length with extensions. 

Yes! Extending locs with synthetic or human hair is a quick and easy way to achieve the length you’ve been longing for without the wait! 

Coloring locs is possible, but it’s advised that you seek help from a professional with experience coloring locs. Here at Hair Maiden we perform loc coloring services and we are happy to help!

Synthetic loc extensions can be left in your hair for up to seven weeks before they need to be removed. It is possible to reuse them if your hair is allowed enough time to recover in-between installations. Loc extensions created with human hair can be kept indefinitely, although when working with blonde human hair extensions the life span can be shorter. This is an easy fix however, new extensions can always be added. 

When washing and maintaining your hair it’s important to only use products that are made specifically for locs. We have formulated and created our own loc shampoo bar line that is safe for both locked and unlocked hair and is available for purchase in the salon or in our online store. Dollylocks and Knotty Boy also both have excellent lines worth considering.

Hair Maiden uses the back combing and crochet method to create locs. 

Nope! Our process is 100% natural with no additional products needed!

Loc appointments can run for as long as 8-10 hours for some services. To secure your appointment we ask for at least a one hour deposit. This deposit is applied to your balance and can only be lost if you cancel your appointment before the 48 hour cutoff or don’t show.

New locs will require maintenance more often as they are maturing. In the first year this is usually scheduled every 2-3 months. Several factors dictate the frequency of maintenance needed and your Loctician can go over them in greater detail during your services. 

No two heads are the same. What works for one may not work for the other. Consultations are important because it gives the Loctician an opportunity to assess your hair and come up with an individualized plan to help you reach your loc potential! 

Definitely not! Our all natural creation method means removal is easily! Removal services are billed by the hour, and the length of time needed depends on the current state of your locs. 

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